Making the Most of Your Free Time: Tech and Tools to Help You Relax and Rewind


What’s the most valuable thing you own? Most will say their time is most precious. Why not hack that free time? Technological tools help bankers make more money, real estate agents sell more houses, and architects draw plans to build more houses. Why not use technology to maximize relaxation? Here’s how to unwind and optimize free time with the aid of apps.

Mindfulness App

Think of Mindfulness as your meditation partner. It offers soothing sounds, records data, and inspires you to make meditation a regular part of your life. While the benefits of meditation are many and obvious, most need help with the doing part. Mindfulness ensures you take action.


Using the famous Pomodoro technique, the app helps you segment your day, which is simple and very effective. Most get overwhelmed by the thought of work and deadlines. If you’re not a Type A personality, it’s probably difficult to stay organized. Pomodroido helps you structure your day, so you get the most out of work and play.

Alarm Clock for Me

Some value sleep even more than free time, forfeiting all other hobbies, chores, and actions to get some needed winks. Try this app that transforms your Android into a fully functioning alarm clock. The graphic interface looks sleek and users have access to favorite tunes, local weather, and more.


Wunderlist can be a great app to use with Pomodroido. Record tasks to complete later. Integrate chores into your daily lists. Share your list with others to help get things done or to be held accountable. An entire subsection is devoted to groceries, so you never have to remember to get items and you’ll never run out.


Unless you like spending time taking lazy joy rides, you probably want to take the quickest and safest route. Waze is your virtual chauffeur of sorts, giving you step by step directions along with intelligence regarding traffic patterns, jams, accidents, etc. Waze is just as useful for a person who stays within a 15-mile radius or an adventurer who often takes long road trips.


Uber has revolutionized the way people get around. If you’re a city dweller, you’re familiar with cabs and forms of public transportation. On the extreme side of things, a wealthy person can take a private limo anywhere at anytime. That’s pretty convenient. For a price, Uber provides the same level of service without the flash. Whether you’re in a city, suburban, or rural setting, you don’t have to worry about a ride.


This app is useful for those who enjoy libations after-hours and on the weekends. Think of it as the Facebook for craft beer lovers. Find places that serve your favorite brews, meet new friends with similar tastes, and learn more about microbreweries and upcoming products, such as Co2 Gas cylinders which enhance the taste and look of the beer


You’re going to need money to make the most of your free time. Therefore, Mint will come in handy, especially for those who need a bit of help handling expenses. Never again will you looked perplexed at the ATM screen. You’ll know exactly how much money you have and how to spend it in your free time when managing with Mint.


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