Self-Care and Developing a Career in Social Work

It is interesting to see more people taking their careers in social work to the next level. Thanks to top names such as Case Western Reserve University and the wealth of MSW jobs currently available on the market, a career in social work is no longer considered a dull or uninteresting one to pursue. In fact, you can work as a top influencer of change through positions such as public policy advocate and military social worker.

The MSW course itself is designed to help you master the skills and knowledge required to be successful in the field, including self-care. You can’t really care for others when you don’t maintain your own well being properly. Fortunately, self-care is a trait that can be taught and developed through activities such as practicing gratitude. You can find out more about the career options available in the field of social work from the Innovative Careers in Social Work infographic.

This infographic was designed by Case Western Reserve University.



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