A simple festive season


Yikes… it’s very almost December already! After a funny couple of months, I suddenly realised about a week ago that the festive season was almost upon us, and I hadn’t done any of my usual prep. It didn’t help that every day Facebook Memories kept reminding me of how organised I was in previous years {that’ll teach me for posting smug updates ha!}. I had a bit of a panic for a few days about how I was going to catch up, and started feeling really stressed out. Then I realised that it really didn’t matter, Christmas would happen regardless, and worrying wouldn’t help.

So, I got the kiddos to write their lists for Santa so he knew what they would like, and decided to make things as simple as I could. The thing I love most about Christmas is having fun with my kiddos – all the crafting and baking and activities. It didn’t matter if I didn’t bake a Christmas Cake {that barely gets eaten anyway} and I don’t mneed to spend hours planning everything to perfection.

So the cake didn’t get baked, the gifts DID get ordered and my stress levels dropped. I’ve almost done all my shopping {thank goodness for internet shopping} bar a few bits I have to brave the shops for.

I’ve re-used last years advent activity ideas for this year, bought a few craft kits/baking kits to add in and planned lots of fun for December. I dropped the huge to-do list of things i was going to do both blog things and home things and give myself a break.

Christmas this year will be simple, and quiet but I’ll have the four most important people, we’ve a birthday to celebrate right after Christmas too {how on earth is Beastie going to be 2?!} and lots of fun with friends planned. Our tree just got delivered {all 7ft gorgeous Pines and Needles tree…can’t wait to get it up!}.

Christmas isn’t about spending lots of money, buying a crazy amount of gifts or being stressed… it’s about spending time with those you love, making memories and having fun.


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