Teenage Sneaking Out: Why It Happens and How to Stop It? – Family Time Parental Control App


The fact that teenagers tend to sneak out at night is not a myth. There can be different reasons for it but they do have the courage to get out of the house through the window and come back before morning, while you are sleeping in your bed.

It feeds their need to take risks. They like the adrenaline rush and the feeling that they did something adventurous. They have late night parties which they don’t want to miss. Sometimes it happens that kids have older friends who have later curfew times. So, they extend theirs as well. It can also happen out of a reaction. They might not be feeling comfortable at home or there are certain triggers that make them feel more comfortable outside the house.

But it is ethically wrong and highly dangerous. They can come across shady people, drug dealers and kidnappers. They can get into an accident and adopt bad habits like drugs and drinking at a very early age. To make sure they don’t run such risks, you can use FamilyTime parental control app which has a set of features perfect to monitor the daredevil kids.


When there is a check system in place, kids think twice before breaking the rules. It automatically stops them and if not the app is there to let you know.


Location Monitoring

  • It gives you a detailed history of their location. There is no way that you can miss a shady activity.
  • You can activate Geofence check-ins and checkouts for your house. Even if they disable the alarm system, FamilyTime would alert you if they leave the house.


Text message monitoring

You can monitor their text messages. It will help you detect any late night plans or any signs that they intend to sneak out.

Contacts and Calls monitoring

You can monitor their contacts and calls and detect any suspicious activity.

Apart from that, they can also send you panic alerts. It is not only beneficial at night but for the day as well. It also provides screen time and mobile apps management. What is better than the facility to keep your kids safe? Avail it by going to the iOS or Android store.

Prevent it with FamilyTime

I have seen many parents worry about their kids going out after curfew time. They try different things and ultimately use an extreme measure like shutter windows or complicated locks. It also initiates many parent-teen fights and causes the kids to get more rebellious.

My suggestion is to use FamilyTime parental control app. It prompts you immediately and allows you take an instant action. In this situation, kids cannot lie and you can prevent a bigger hazard from happening. Always be open for a dialogue and try to figure out the reason they go out. If there is a real problem, try to solve it or if they just do it for fun tell them there are always limits in order to stay safe.




  1. November 14, 2016 / 11:50

    This is such an interesting topic. My children are a few years away from that sort of behaviour at the moment, but as someone who snuck out a great deal as a teenager, it has crossed my mind. The funny thing was that it was during probably one of my less self-destructive periods!

    In theory, spying on my children makes me feel very uncomfortable, but that’s just in the happy land in which my kids respect me and think I’m wise. Reality is so much more complicated, isn’t it?

  2. Yulia
    November 24, 2017 / 21:45

    I don’t think that spying is good… kids will never trust you in such a way. I try to teach my teen respect, trust, some personal space and I can’t do it by spying on her at the same time. We also use parental control app, another one though (called Kidslox – https://kidslox.com/). But we are using it only for blocking apps and certain schedules and time limits. That’s what our family likes about it – no spying features. But of course every parent should decide on his own.

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