The Enchantment of Chester Zoo


Chester Zoo have teamed up with Wild Rumpus, the folk behind the fabulous Just So Festival, for an amazing Halloween event. The Enchantment of Chester Zoo runs from today until the 31st October. An evil sorcerer has cast a spell on the zoo, to try and steal the super powers of some of the nocturnal creatures that live there.


We took the kiddos there yesterday to join in the fun, and see if we could break the sorcerer’s spell and save the zoo. Your adventure starts with a wise old owl, who guides you through a magical enchanted garden. We learned all about the evil sorcerer who has cast a spell on Chester Zoo and stolen the superpowers of the nocturnal animals. Then it was down to us, armed with a map to navigate our way around the zoo, we went off to find the four nocturnal animals, discover their superpowers and collect some magic potion.

Once we had our test tubes to fill with potion, we set off first to find the Montserrat tarantula. Then on to the Tropical Realm to find the aye-aye’s {who I’d not heard of before}, then onto the fruit bat forest and finally to the aardvarks. The girls loved finding out about each animal, discovering their superpowers and collecting magic potion. It made for a fun and exciting trip around the zoo {well, even more so than normal!}.


When we’d filled our test tubes full of potion, and found all four animals, we headed back to the exit of the zoo, to find the Wise Owl and pour all of our magic potions into the cauldron.


If you’re looking for a fun day out this half term, I’d highly recommend The Enchantment of Chester Zoo. Kids will love navigating their way around the zoo to find the nocturnal animals and collecting the magic potion. We had plenty of time to see the other sights of the zoo – we visited some other of our favourite animals and took a boat ride around the Islands.



The Enchantment of Chester Zoo runs 10am – 2pm each day from 22 – 31 October 2016 and is free with zoo entry. They advise you book your place online to guarantee a space.


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