Windows you didn’t even know existed

A photo by Eduard Militaru.

I’ve always had a bit of a fascination with windows, and yes, I realise that may be a bit weird. When I was a little girl, my bedroom didn’t have a window. In a three bedroomed house, with four kids at home for a while, my parents split the largest bedroom into two rooms to give us more space. Great, but the room only had one small window to begin with, so this left one room with no window what so ever. I never thought this was odd when I was tiny, it was normal to need the light on in the middle of the day.

It did mean, that when we were out and about, I took a strange interest in windows. As I grew up, I’d take note of cute little old cottages, with their casement windows, thinking if I lived there I could fling them open like Snow White and let all the woodland creatures in to do the housework for me {I’m sure I’m not the only person to wish that could actually happen right??!}. Or I’d envision a house with a great big window seat, piled high with cushions, where I could curl up on a cold winters day, blanket, steaming cup of coffee and a good book, spending the day reading whilst the rain pounds on the window panes {still waiting for any part of that – especially having time to sit and read all day long}.

Then there was the time I went away with my Mum and a class from her school kids on a residential to London. We stayed in a hostel, which was in a big old house, one morning when my Mum was trying to open the window, the sash window crashed down on her fingers {ouch}. Now Lola has a sash window in her room, unfortunately, it doesn’t have anything holding it up, so it’s propped open with a book and trying to shut it is pretty dicey – I’m always terrified of losing a finger or three. I do love the look of sash windows though, especially when they’re wide open on a windy day, and the curtains blowing around in the wind {told ya I’m weird}

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Our window in the kitchen is giant, almost the whole width of the room. It has a few panes of stained glass in it, which is gorgeous when the late morning sun shines through, and paints rainbows on our kitchen table. I’ve always loved kitchen windows – probably because I seem to spend half my life looking out of them whilst washing up, but with the stained glass, fairy lights and herbs and succulents it’s a pretty cosy little spot to play house.

One thing I never considered when I was little about having a room with no window, was the risk of fire. My room had a narrow corridor into it, and that was the only way in/out. As a Mama, it’s the sort of thing I worry about. My middle two share a room, and their window is one that only opens to a certain point, we’ve considered switching it at some point for a fire escape window, for peace of mind at least!

ONe day, I’d love to be able to design my own house, and you better believe I’ll spend a lot of time picking the perfect windows – inlcuding that giant window seat so I can sit and read all day long!


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