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I was chatting with a friend the other day who is expecting her first baby. She’d seen some list in a magazine with about a million things {I’m not lying either} that she would need for the new baby. I remember having a similar list when I was expecting Lola, and feeling so overwhelmed at all of these things that I would need to purchase for her. Thankfully, our families helped out loads to buy the things that we needed, as the cost can be so great. By the time we had our second, and then third and fourth kiddos, I’d quickly realised that all of these ‘essentials’ are not always so essential. There are certainly things that you do need, and things you could live without but make life that little bit easier, and then oh so many things that you really can live without {like a baby wipe warmer!}. After chatting with my friend, I put a little list together with a few of my top essentials.


Dockatot – I love this deluxe sleep positioner, great for bedtimes but equally useful in the daytime too. It’s great for nap time, but also doubles as a nappy change spot, somewhere to safely pop your tiny tot down, and even a tummy time mat. They’re fab for travelling too – much easier to transport than a bulky Moses basket or a travel cot.

Cot – even though we often co-sleep with our little ones, we’ve always had a cot for them. They usually start the night in there, meaning I know they are safe and can’t fall out of bed if I’m downstairs. We’ve always opted for a cot that converts into a toddler bed, as it offers better value for money and makes for an easy transition from cot to big kid bed.

Owlet Baby Vitals Monitor – while this isn’t something I’ve personally used, this could be a great piece of equipment if you’re a nervous new Mum, or have a baby with extra needs. It monitors their oxygen levels and heart rate, alerting you if there is a problem.

Muslins – I’ve always had a drawer full of muslin blankets as I find them so useful. Great for swaddling, for lightweight blankets in the summer, an emergency nappy change station, a cover if you’re nursing and feeling a little exposed.. they have so many uses they’re one thing I couldn’t live without.

Nightlight – when you’re trying to teach your baby the difference between night and day, you don’t want bright lights for those middle of the night feeds. I love this nightlight, it’s great for having by the side of your bed when you’re feeding a newborn, and then perfect for a toddler’s room when they’re a little bigger.

Nuna Leaf – we’ve had a variety of bouncy chairs/swings for our four, but the Nuna Leaf is by far my favourite. It looks far more stylish than most baby chairs, it’s super comfy for little ones and even accommodates bigger kids – my bigger kids think it’s super fun to sit in and swing!

Baby Bath – I’m not a fan of traditional baby baths, as I find that you end up with the worst backache leaning over them, and use them for such a short period of time. But this great design sits in your sink, meaning you don’t have to lean over and it’s easy to take away with you too.

Baby Carrier – a baby carrier can be such a lifesaver. Great for days out if you don’t want to have to take a pushchair, but equally useful at home. We all have those days when baby refuses to be put down, being able to pop them in a sling means they get the cuddles they need, and you can get on with some jobs with both hands-free! Add an infant insert and you can use it from day one.

Nursing Pillow – I’d have been lost without mine for those first few breastfeeding weeks. It really helped me be comfortable on long, nursing sessions, meant I could support my baby with less strain on my back and help ensure they were positioned correctly.

Highchair – time to wean comes around all too quickly, we loved having a similar highchair to this for Beastie – it’s high back meant he could comfortably sit in it from around 4/5 months as he was desperate to be at the table with all of us. It’s easy to clean down to – a big essential for a messy, weaning baby!

Breast Pump – if you’re planning on breastfeeding, a good pump can make a big difference. It’s great to be able to express so that Daddy can give baby a bottle sometimes – giving you time to catch up on some sleep or have long, soak in a hot bath. If you have to return to work early, it could also help you be able to continue breastfeeding for longer.

These are my top 12 essentials – asides from the obvious clothes, nappies and wipes, etc! I partnered with The Baby Cubby for this post, their team is made up of parents who have been there, we know what it’s like and we are passionate about encouraging, inspiring, and reminding parents how amazing they are and how important their role is. They find the best and safest baby gear,  and have a fantastic cubby community blog where they discuss some of the harder aspects of parenting.

They have an easy to set up gift registry – making it easy to create a wishlist for your little one and share it with friends and family.  They always price match, even Amazon, so you always get a great deal, they only carry the best and safest gear so you can shop confidently and every order over $49 gets free shipping!

This is a collaborative post. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own


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