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classic peppa pig toys

Peppa Pig!  Seems like she’s been about for ever, I know my middle two children both went through a Peppa Pig phase, and she’s still going strong now. Beastie is a big fan of Peppa {and George}  – one of his first words was Peppa Pig – complete with piggy snort after! We did buy him a couple of little figures for his birthday as he loved her so much.

They have just launched a new range of ‘classic’ Peppa Pig toys inspired by the series. The playsets and characters are iconic, and easily recognisable from the TV show. Beastie was sent the Home and Garden Playset as well as the Air Peppa Jet to test out.

beastie playing peppa pig classic toys

We had a similar playset to the Home and Garden set when Kiki was little, so I was quite excited to see this one! Beastie really loved playing with this, although it’s probably aimed at children slightly older than he is, it’s robust enough to withstand his play. The house opens up to reveal an attic and four rooms – Peppa & George’s bedroom, the bathroom, kitchen and living room. It comes with Peppa and George and lots of fun accessories – a see-saw and tree for the garden, Peppa’s bed, a TV and a fridge. It’s a great toy to encourage children to use their imagination, or even act out scenes from the TV show. I love that the set folds up and has a handle – making it a great toy to take out and about with you.

peppa pig play house

The other toy that we received was the Air Peppa Jet. It features pull down stairs, a rear storage compartment, and an openable cabin so you can move Peppa around the inside. A Peppa Pig figure comes with the set, and Miss Rabbit sits in the pilot seat. Miss Rabbit flips down so that Peppa can have a turn flying the plane. You also get two little suitcases with the set {we nearly missed these!}. Another great set – Beastie loves this as he really loves vehicles of any kind! Oddly his big sisters have had lots of fun playing with this too!!

peppa pig plane

I’m really impressed with these new Peppa Pig toys – I love the classic look, and that they are true to the series. They are also full of little details that make such a difference {such as wall decals in the house playset}. I’ve no doubt that these will appeal to all Peppa Pig fans, I know mine is thrilled to pieces with them.

You can see the other toys in the range in this video


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