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With four kids, sometimes I feel like I spend a small fortune on kids clothes. When the three girls were all little it wasn’t so bad, as everything passed down from Lola to Kiki to Baya – plus we used to get hand-me-downs from my sister’s daughters. As they’ve gotten older, they have become more different in their taste in clothes {Kiki rejects about 99% off anything she gets from Lola!!} and also, they don’t grow out of things quite as fast to pass down. Beastie obviously doesn’t get many hand-me-downs as he’s a boy {I have no problem with him wearing pink/or some girly stuff but Baya wears dresses most of the time and I’m not sure G would be too thrilled with that ;)}

I don’t like to spend a lot of money on the kids clothes – I really don’t see the point of designer items, spending £30/40 on a t-shirt. I’d rather buy high street brands, where I’m not so worried about them getting dirty, or paint splattered, or torn. That said, I like to buy good quality item that will last them and can withstand the rough and tumble that my kids put their clothes through.

Vertbaudet were kind enough to send the kiddos some pieces from their Spring/Summer 2016 recently. |They have some great ranges for kids from newborn right up to teenagers. I was really impressed with what we saw – great, classic pieces that are fantastic quality. Lola picked a pair of jeans {what she lives in!}. Vertbaudet sell trousers/skirts/jeans that are adaptable – they have adjustable waists but also come in narrow, medium and full hip fittings – making it far easier to get clothes that actually fit your child. We’ve often struggled to get the girls jeans that fit on their waists, without being too short. Using their measuring guides, the jeans we ordered fitted perfectly to Lola’s shape.

lola vertbaudet jeans

Baya picked this beautiful purple dress. She’s never been a fan of trousers or jeans – she’ll aways pick a dress or skirt! She’s my princess loving, girlie girl and I knew she’d pick this dress the minute she saw it. It’s a really pretty dress, perfect for a party {or running around in the park!!}

baya vertbaudet dress

Kiki has been nagging me to buy her a new pair of denim dungarees for {what feels like} forever so she was super excited to get these ones! They’re really tough and hard-wearing, and also have an adjustable waistband {fantastic for a super skinny Kiki}. She literally has barely taken them off for the past couple of weeks!

kiki vertbaudet dungarees

I picked this great swim set for Beastie for when we went to Bluestone – I love how cute he looks in it! I’m thinking it will also be great for the paddling pool and days by the river this summer. He also got a cosy new hoody as you can never guarantee the weather here! I love it as it’s reversible – two looks for the price of one!

beastie vertbaudet swimsuit
beastie vertbaudet reversible hooded jacket

I’m honestly really impressed with both the quality and the price of these clothes. We’ll definitely be buying more in future.

We were sent these clothes free of charge, but all words and opinions are my own


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