A little shoe wishlist

I’ve been searching for the *perfect* pair of black ankle boots for a while now… I used to have some lovely brown Blowfish boots which I wore until they literally fell to pieces! I’ve been wearing my one pair of Clarks boots for the past couple of winters, and while I still love them I’m keen to add a couple of new pairs to my wardrobe. After my big wardrobe declutter, and reading the Un-fancy blog – I’ve realised that I need more shoes to change up my outfits {at least that’s my excuse for some new shoe shopping!!}

In my search for a replacement for those Blowfish boots I came across a fab website that has some great shoes {for the kids and men as well as me} that are at ridiculously low prices. This made me insanely happy because when the shoes are half price I can get away with buying two {or more} pairs, right?!

I may have spent an *entire* nap time trying to decide which shoes to buy.. these are the ones currently sat in my shopping basket…

new shoe wishlist


I can’t decide between these two pairs of black boots, I’m certain I don’t need to pairs {at least not right now} but am still undecided to whcih I like the most. The tall brown Blowfish boots snuck their way in – not sure I need a second pair of brown boots, but at these prices I may just buy them anyway.

I’ve not owned any brogues before BUT they’ve been catching my eye more and more lately. I’m kinda crushing on these Fred Perry ones – think teamed with jeans and a tee they could be lovely. What DO you think??

Lastly, I popped a new pair of Converse trainers in… tehy’re pretty much my staple come the spring – great for running the kiddos around the park – and maybe if I buy them now I’ll entice some warmer weather my way?! Wishful thinking…..

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