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I’m back with another ‘This Homeschooling Life’ linky. December passed by in a blur, and was mainly taken up with Christmas… while the big kids still did their usual ‘school work’ for the first couple of weeks, I feel like we didn’t do much of anything else. In reality I know they did… they baked, crafted their hearts out, had various groups still running and Kiki and Baya spent most of the month working on their gym Christmas Displays. There was lego played with, models made, games made up and much else that happens without me knowing. I don’t have many photos of the day-to-day happenings last month {partly as I didn’t take many, and partly as my laptop died mid-month and I lost a load!}.


We’ve been homeschooling around 8 years, and every now and then they’ll be a day, or a week, or a month when I feel like it’s all going wrong. Life gets in the way and I feel like I’m not doing all that I ‘should’ be doing with the kids. I know from experience this will pass, and that it doesn’t actually mean things aren’t being done or learnt… just that this Mama is having a crisis. Last month was mad and I didn’t really organise any projects or extra activities.. but sometimes that’s ok. Life gets busy, the kids learn masses from actual real life and sometimes I think it’s good for them to actually have to find things to keep busy with all day, and not rely on me to tell them what to do.



Last term was great, and I felt that we really found our homeschooling groove again after having had a baby and moved house in the first part of the year. We found a rhythm that worked pretty well for us all, the kiddos enjoyed some history and geography projects and everyone was happy. There was lots of crafts made – mainly Kiki and Baya without any input from me.

I’m planning on easing us back into our ‘normal’ routine this week. The kids groups mainly start back this week, and I’m hoping to sit them all down and make some plans for what they want to study this coming term. January and February for us are usually full of crafts and homeschool projects – things to keep us busy in the house when the weather is at it’s worst! We’ve also signed up for NurtureStore’s Art Spark – an online art course that starts in a couple of weeks. I’m looking forward to getting creative alongside the kiddos – I love courses like this – with just enough guidance to get us going, but not so structured that we can’t use our own imaginations!


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