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With Christmas just around the corner, the excitement in my house is building by the day. My littlest girlie is 6 and is still firmly in the Father Chrismtas Camp… the big two are a little more undecided, but not convinced enough to not say they believe just in case!!!

baya nice certificate

We’re all big fans of Christmas, and are counting dow nthe last few days until December so we can dress the tree and sing Christmas tunes all day long. The girls have been writing their letters to Father Chrsitmas, in the hope that he’ll bring them what they’re asking for. So when I came across a webstie where you can make personalised Christmas videos from Santa or his elves, I knew that Baya would love it {and to be fair, so will the big girls!}.

The site is called ‘Portable North Pole‘, and for just £9.99 you can buy a ‘Gold Pass’ which means you can create as many Premium videos and calls as you like, and download those videos [or send them via email}. You can also make a free video, with up to five personalisations – so you don’t have to pay to enjoy the magic of PNP. It also gave me the chance to download a certificate to show they were on the nice list!

The site is easy to use, and the videos are easy to customise. The only point that I found for me, was that as my girls have unusual names, I couldn’t actually put their names into the videos – you can choose something that sounds similar {so I went for Bay instead of Baya as we do call her that} or choose a term of endearment {eg sweetie}. Other than that, you get lots of options for including photos of the child, and pictures of them doing activities they like, and say if they’re on the ‘nice’ list or not.

Here’s one of the videos that I made:

All in all, if you’re looking to add a little bit of magic to Chrsitmas, then this is a great site. Seeing Santa talking to them, knowing their age and where they live, what they’d like for Chrsitmas. It’s worth it to see the amazement on their faces! Now I’m even more excited for Christmas this year!

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