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I’m an outdoor girl at heart. I love getting out for long walks in the countryside, and a part of me would love to live in the middle of nowhere. Being as a I don’t drive that would probably end in me going stir crazy after a week! We also made the decision that living close to the town centre benefits the kids as they grow up, as they can be fairly independent and take themselves places easily without relying on lifts for everything.

Town houses don’t tend to have the greatest gardens, but we lucked out with the one we have in this new house. It was one big non-negotiable on our list when we were house hunting that we’d have a garden. It isn’t huge, but we have space for two sheds, a trampoline, two table and chairs and still patio space and a lawn for the kiddos to play on. It’s a lovely mature garden, with a lilac tree, buddleia and orange blossom tree…plus a border that Baya and I have filled with lots of bulbs ready for the spring!

I find spending time outdoors really relaxing, working as I do on the computer, it’s nice to be able to switch off and enjoy the garden. Our Play Room in this new house has French doors, which lead onto a patio on one side of the garden. Through the summer we had the doors wide open all day long, to let the light and fresh air in. The doors are a bit of a nuisance though as they get in the way, so we’ve been thinking about switching them out for some panoramic doors. It seems that they would be a great way of forging a strong connection between indoors and outdoors.

Having done a little bit of looking around, we came across Andy Glass Windows, who supply and install these innovative doors that would really make our playroom feel connected to the garden. I think it’s a sign of being a ‘real’ grown up that I was quite so excited over doors! I think they look like they would be a great solution for opening up a living space to make it feel connected to your garden, and making your home feel more expansive and light filled.

Especially for family living, being able to make the most of every bit of space you have is vital. Having a family room become part of our garden would be perfect next summer when we have a toddler running around, who will no doubt want to be in and out all day long, taking toys in and out. As our summers are way to short here in the UK, I like to make the most of every day when the weather is nice and spend as much time outside as I can.

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