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While we’re taking a bit of a summer break from work/homeschooling, it’s giving me the headspace to plan out what we’re going to be doing come September. While we don’t have to follow school terms, or curriculums, we usually stick to them roughly… there are often activities on in the school holidays that the kiddos would like to take part in as well as catching up with friends who are in school.

As our eldest is now 12, and would be in Year 8 come September, we’re really beginning to think about a bit more structured work and that whole GCSE conundrum. While there are no requirements for us to follow the national Curriculum, I’m currently making sure that she has covered most of what she would have done at school, so when we come to GCSE’s we’re at the right point. course

Time is precious for me, and while I could piece together an entire curriculum for her, I’ve decided it makes more sense to source some already put together courses for her. This years focus is going to be English language, history and science.

We’re going to be using the Echo Education Key Stage 3 Science Course – it covers Biology, Physics and Chemistry in over 140 lessons – covering all that they would study at school in years 7-9. A friend posted a link in a home school group and after checking it out it seems just what I was looking for. Created by two ualified teachers, Sam Martell and Clare Patrick, who have 25 years home educating experience with their own children and others.

The course comes as 3 PDF’s which you receive via email. Each lesson includes lots of pictures, videos and practical work. While some of the experiments require some equipment, they have also included links to videos of the experiments in case you are unable or don’t want to carry out all of the practical work. Each lesson is laid out in an easy to follow way, with lots of questions to ask your child {as well as the answers!!}, there is also includes a list of the key terms and spellings.

echo education key stage 3 science

If you are looking for a science course for your high school age child then this really does cover all the bases. I think it’s great value for money, especially considering it can be reused for siblings. I’m planning on doing the course with Lola and Kiki, Kiki will repeat it in a couple of years when she reaces high school age {probably with Baya alongside her!} but I think she will enjoy the experiemnts.

The website allows you to request sample lessons and to order your course. THere is also an easy payment plan, letting you split the cost into three monthly payments of £100.


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