52 Weeks of Gratitude – Week Thirty

52 weeks of gratitude week 30

  1. A finished nursery!!!
  2. Movie nights with Papa
  3. Getting the final ‘OK’ from the Midwife for my homebirth
  4. Last night’s chip supper, after a trip to the Museum and a walk -about to see the Christmas lights
  5. A friend who can fix my laptop super fast when it suddenly broke this week!
  6. Getting our guinea pig back – one of our guinea pigs escaped at the weekend, we didn’t think there was any hope of him finding is way home. Then on Tuesday we woke up to find his picture on Facebook – someone had found him in the Churchyard next to us and taken him to a local vets. I took three very happy kiddos for a walk to pick him up!
  7. The first mince pie of the season –  tasted SO good, even if it wasn’t homemade ;)
  8. Listening to the girls playing together…. in between falling out or being mean to each other, they actually have moments of playing nicely together
  9. The rare morning that I wake up first, and get to enjoy a coffee before the rest of the house wakes up. That peace is bliss
  10. The cutest fleece snow suit that arrived this week for Beastie – can’t wait for him to wear it, and look like fluffy little bear!

22 thoughts on “52 Weeks of Gratitude – Week Thirty

  1. Oh goodness how cute about the guinea pig! So so exciting for your home birth, not long now and little beastie will be snuggled up in that little white snuggly suit! x

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