Four classic and timeless Christmas gift ideas

christmas hamper

Christmas hamper image by lutrus, shared under a Creative Commons Licence

One of the best things about Christmas is receiving all of those lovely gifts but there’s just as much fun to be had in picking out a present for loved ones. Here are a few ideas if you’re looking for gifts that will be appreciated by friends and family.

The most popular gift

The festive period is one time of the year we don’t mind indulging our sweet tooth and chocolate is one gift that never goes out of fashion. Go all out and buy some artisan luxury chocolates filled with fruits or vanilla made by the experts in countries such as Switzerland and Belgium.

The price does reflect the quality and the taste is well worth that little bit extra. Why not combine this gift with a nice bottle of champagne; dark chocolate will compliment a nice glass of sparkling white wine.

The classic Christmas gift

Christmas hampers are a timeless Christmas gift and will always be appreciated by the recipient. There’s no shortage of options available whether it’s a traditional box filled with cheeses, mince pieces and biscuits or a larger version full of luxury treats. You can also choose wine-only hampers or speciality boxes filled with gourmet coffees or teas from around the world.

Another bonus with this gift is that there are companies that will send you hamper anywhere in the world to friends or family living abroad.

Seasonal clothing

Warm clothes and accessories are the gift that keeps on giving during the long winter months and can include woollen beanie hats, scarves and gloves. A nice jumper doesn’t need to be hugely expensive and a nice black version will be appreciated by men or women; go for cashmere if you want some extra points this year.

Socks are of course a traditional Christmas gift but why not go a step further with a pair of slipper socks, which are ideal for lounging around the house.

The ultimate gift

If you’re looking to go that little bit further and provide the ultimate surprise on the big day then why not buy your loved one a special activity gift?

This can range from an hour driving a high performance car to a hot air balloon journey over the city to a day out in a luxury spa. Get innovative with your ideas, there are plenty out there to choose from including a helicopter flying lesson or even a day spent skydiving.

If these seem like a little too much excitement then consider an evening in a celebrity chef restaurant or a relaxing weekend away at a luxury hotel.

If you’re looking for a gift that won’t fail to please then stick with the all-time classics – they’re consistently popular and always appreciated for a reason.


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