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EcoCreate is the creation of two artist Mums, Kirstie Adamson and Charlotte Rhoades. The duo are former art graduates with a passion for all things eco. It was their dream to create a company where people can buy UK, handmade eco friendly art and craft, without having to sift through mountains of mass produced disposable products. And so after months of planning, designing and networking the concept of EcoCreate was born.

Kirstie and Charlotte

Not only does the website offer a virtual craft market where creators can set up their own shop, it also offers eco friendly craft supplies, free tutorials, books, a blog and a green directory.

EcoCreate doesn’t limit you to just selling your crafty creations, you can list your skills, or bespoke services, offer a workshop, pass on your vintage finds, or create an e-book or music track for digital download. They have an events calendar as well as a blog, which shop owners are welcome to guest blog on. There are recipes and ‘ how tos’ as well as numerous upcycling and natural craft activities for kids, all tried and tested on the friends own children.

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We wanted to create somewhere that people could buy handmade creations, without having to worry about where it was made and to know that the materials or methods were as safe and as ethical to produce as possible. It was something we really struggled to find all in one place and we often spent hours trying to find different supplies and methods.

We are artists and crafters ourselves and appreciate the hours of work and dedication that go into making handmade products, and how important using the right materials are. We also wanted to allow other like minded souls to sell their own handmade art and craft, and to also list their skills and workshops.

We’re still in the early stages but our end goal is to create a site where all your eco friendly art and craft needs are met, from learning a new skill, sourcing supplies, chatting to other crafters, to making and selling a finished product.


The pair are active on social media sites and you can keep up to date with the goings on at fb, twitter, instagram and pinterest. If you are interested in setting up your own EcoCreate shop you can email Kirstie and Charlotte at [email protected] or find more details online at www.eco-create.co.uk

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