The Little Blue Owl


If I redecorated everytime the kiddos tastes changed, or they had a new idea, I’d be constantly painting or stripping wallpaper. Plus, living in rented accomodation, any changes we make need to be easily removed/painted over for when/if we move out. I’ve had one or two requests for black walls… {and they’re not even teenagers yet!!}

I do like to personalise our space though – take away the magnolia and let the children have rooms that are a nice place to spend time in. I’ve been browsing for some cute wall stickers for a while, so when The Little Blue Owl offered to send me some I jumped at the chance. They must have known me very well, for this cute little owl and bunting sticker set arrived!

I was planning on using it in Kiki and Baya’s room, but I think we’re actually going to use it for the baby. Our bedroom has a small room off it, just big enough for a cot. Baya spent her first year sleeping there before moving in with Kiki, so it will be the perfect space for this next baby {when it’s not in my bed!}.

I was happy to see the size of the stickers – I was a little worried they’d be tiny. The owl is 32xm x 24cm and the bunting measures 48cm high x 2.1m wide. There are also some cute little clouds to sit around the owl. They are made from high quality adhesive vinyl, and are easily applied to paint or wallpaper – or even onto furniture. They are also easily removed – ideal if you’re renting, or simply if the kiddos outgrow them/fancy a change.


My next task is to clear out the baby’s space, as it’s been used as storage for the past few years and is currently full of kids clothes/shoes {honestly – I’m sure we have enough clothes in there for ten children nevermind four!} and then I can decorate ready! I’m excited to transform the space into a lovely, relaxing spot for this little one to sleep – all night long I hope ;)

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