A birthday hike up Dinas Bran


So last week on Lola’s birthday, she decided she’d like to go to Llangollen… the one condition she gave her Papa was that we wouldn’t be climbing up Dinas Bran… well, can you guess?! On the premise of us looking at cute little lambs… we ended up walking up there! I’m glad we did, though at the time I thought I wouldn’t make it up, lately it’s all I can do to not fall asleep all day! By the time we got to the top {and had a five minute lay down} the view most definitely was worth the climb.

I haven’t been up for a couple of years, but it’s such a great place to be. The ruins of a medieval castle, Dinas Bran is such an amazing spot – my history buff Lola loves it there. And it’s crazy to think that those ruins have stood there for the past 800 years!

I remember visiting castles as a kids with my folks, and always being so fascinated. There is something incredibly interesting about all the history that has happened in them.

By the time we’d gotten down the hill and back home, we were VERY ready for an Indian Takeaway – we may have ordered half the menu ;)


I’d love to live in a little cottage like this!




Kiki complained all the way up – then ran around at the top like a crazy person ha!


and this was the birthday girl wishing she wasn’t walking up a big hill!



chocolate is essential when hill walking ;)






“Need a lie down Mama”



The view from the top of Dinas Bran totally makes up for the climb



29 thoughts on “A birthday hike up Dinas Bran

  1. Goodness! How long did it take you to get up there? And chocolate is very essential on long treks like that one.

  2. Oh I would love to walk up there if only for the views. Your photography tells a story and is so beautiful. The nearest I have come to walking up a hill to a castle is walking up to Blaise Castle on Easter Monday. View from there was great too. Thanks for sharing this, really enjoyed it.
    Liska xx

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