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Bits and Pieces

icecreampicnictree walkingtechniquestpainted facesriver rainy days

yummy ice-creams // picnic by the river // wolfs den fun
trip to techniquest // painted faces // river play // so much rain this week

Good morning loves! this week is flying by {yet again}. Our house is filled with much excitement – we’ve just booked tickets to Camp Bestival. The kiddos are most excited about seeing the Horrible Histories stage show, and mama is most excited about watching The Levellers. We go four weeks today – are fingers are crossed it’s a sunny weekend to be under canvas.

Our summer is shaping up nicely, my mum’s coming to visit in a couple of weeks, the kiddos have a few workshops booked in, a few plans with friends, this festival and a trip to my sisters in Kent followed by Miss Kiki’s birthday at the end of the summer – looking like we’ll be busy having fun!

This mama has a lot of lists to make ready for all our summer shenanigans!

What do you have planned for the summer?

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