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 ‘happiness is…’ –  each week we’ll meet two lovely ladies to find out what happiness is to them…. if you’d like to take part please drop me an email :)

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 what makes you happiest?

So many things! What actually comes to mine first is riding my bike. Since moving to Holland I’ve fallen in love with being able to get anywhere in the city on my bike safely. This is so different to Brisbane, Australia where I was living before. My bike was stolen last week so that made me very unhappy but now I get to shop for a brand new one which is also lots of fun!

do you have a ‘happy place’?
Having just done a great big backpacking trip with my boy the happy places that spring to mind are some of my favourite travel destinations – Paris & San Sebastian, Spain are some of my favourite places in the world!

do you have a favourite happy song?
I have to admit that I’m a little addicted to You Make My Dreams Come True by Hall & Oates and listening to Clap Your Hands by Sia always makes me smile!

what gets you past a bad day?
Generally my boy will do something that cheers me up. He’s such a joyful big kid and his silliness and love of life is so infectious it’s hard to stay grumpy when he tries his hardest to cheer me up!


what makes you happiest?
Lovely encounters with lovely people. Finding amazing new artists/bloggers. Getting something nice in the mail. Delicious teas, pretty stationary and a good owl:)

do you have a ‘happy place’?
I’m a bit of a homebody, other than that I’ve found the most magical place that reminds me of a Japanese train station. It’s the best place to read in the summer!

do you have a favourite happy song?
Ooh, so many, I could easily make a gigabyte mixtape. Can I pick three?
Quelque Part by Felipecha. New Shoes by Paolo Nutini. Also, the Owl City song for the Ga’Hoole movie!
what gets you past a bad day?
Getting out of the house to do something fun, putting some nice music on or watching a happy/funny movie.
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  1. Trudy Florence
    April 27, 2012 / 19:58

    Thanks for having me! xx

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