Three Good Things – a weekly gratitude list

Happy Monday. I woke up feeling content after a lovely weekend, ready and grateful to face a new week. I love starting my week with a gratitude list. Reminding myself of all the good things in my life. Starting the week off in gratitude sets my intention for the whole week, and makes sure I am in a gratitude mindset.

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Saturday saw us have a small family gathering to celebrate Lola’s 18th birthday last week. It was so lovely to have a few close family and friends around. We had cake and champagne, laughs and chats. It was such a lovely celebration and made me so grateful to have a houseful of folk once again. Nothing beats a kitchen full of people, a table full of food and the sound of laughter and chatter filling the air.

Slow Sundays

I love, love, love a Sunday when we’re all at home and we don’t have to go anywhere. When we can start the morning all cosied up in my bed, cartoons on, crochet out, tea made. Potter around the house and garden, eat yummy food, play and just reconnect. Given how hectic our weeks our, it’s the perfect way to end a week and get ourselves set to face another week. Bliss.

A long soak in a hot bath

It doesn’t happen often, but once in a while I’ll grab an evening when I get chance to run a hot bath for myself. Throw in a handful of homemade bathsalts, grab a book and a glass of wine and just relax. It’s a sure fire way to soak away my stresses, and fill my cup back up.

Your turn…. tell me what your three good things from this past week are? Leave me a comment, drop me an email or come tell me on Instagram!

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