Friday I’m in love

Oooof it’s been a while since I’ve written one of these! Pre-Oren I think! I’m making the most of nap time whilst the bigger kiddos are all out and I have a quiet house! 11 weeks since he was born, and I think we’re finding our groove again. Those early days have passed, and we’ve found our rhythm again, slotted into our new normal at last. I couldn’t do it without the big kiddos who are amazing at helping me out and cuddling their brother when I need two hands!

We’d planned on going to one last festival this weekend, but money is a bit tight, so we’ve off to stay with friends instead – at least we get the ease of not having to put up a tent!!!

I’ve been on a bit of a house sorting mission over the last few weeks, we’ve tackled all the kiddos bedrooms as well as the playroom, now we have a giant pile waiting for us to do a car-boot in a week or so. Then I’m hoping to sort out my old office, as I’m planning on turning it into a nursery for when/if Oren needs his own room in the next year or so {though it’s most likely to be somewhere to keep his stuff rather than for him to sleep, especially if he’s anything like his brother who still refuses to sleep in his own room at almost five haha!}

Oren hit 11 weeks this week {how is that even possible?!} and his little personality is really starting to show. Love hearing him chatter away to the other kids, and his toys!

* Love this post about letting your kids learn for themselves by doing chores – my kids all have chores they have to do, and it’s the best way for them to learn. I’ve actually started ’employing’ my thirteen-year-old to do my cleaning once a week! I just don’t have the time at the minute to keep on top of it, so once a week she does the housework and gets paid – win win!

Here are a few good links for some weekend reading

* Sleeping babies need Mom next to them – precisely why I co-sleep with mu littlies.

* We did this water cycle experiment a couple of years ago, but think we’ll do it again soon

* A fascinating article on Infancy and early childhood and attachment.

* In praise of John Cooper Clarke

* Really useful article on breastfeeding and the danger of promoting a strict feeding schedule.

* Be who you are, not who others want you to be

* Think I may buy this ready for Mr. Beastie at Christmas {!}

* I want to make this Apple Pie Baked Oatmeal and this Mediterranean Feta and Fresh Tomato Tart {with vegan feta}

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