Useful Gifts for Newlyweds That Are Easy on the Wallet

Weddings are a magical experience – especially if you are part of the wedding party, whether bridesmaid or groomsman. Watching friends and family marry is a pleasure that’s difficult to define, and the wedding receptions afterwards are always a joyous occasion. But there is one part of attending a wedding which is always more stressful that it deserves to be: buying gifts.

If you’re feeling uninspired when it comes to buying a present for the newlyweds, you certainly aren’t alone. Here are some simple ideas you can use to inform your next gift-buying session, that are as easy on the wallet as they are valuable additions to any gift pile.

Before You Buy – Check The Registry!

The following suggestions can be indispensable for helping you pick a gift when you haven’t got a single clue what to buy – but before you take these ideas to heart, there is another more direct way you may be able to get inspiration: the wedding registry! Not every couple puts a gift registry together, but if they do it is a hugely useful way to ensure you don’t buy duplicate gifts – and also a font of ideas for the kind of gift they’ll truly appreciate.

Household Items

Marriage is the symbolic joining of two lives together, and comes to represent a turning point in a couple’s lives in this regard. Even though the majority of couples live together before marriage nowadays, household items are a common sight as a wedding gift as the newlyweds begin a new chapter in their lives together.

There are a number of directions you can take for this; the new couple may be moving home and in need of new cookware; in a swanky new home with an induction hob, induction pan sets can be a great and thoughtful choice of gift. Alternatively, they may need appliances and equipment from toasters to kettles – easy to buy, and useful to boot.

A Crowdfunded Holiday

A holiday can be an expensive thing, and a cost that many households today can’t quite justify. For a couple getting married, a fun and unique way to celebrate their union could come in the form of a paid holiday. Of course, you would want to team up with other members of the wedding party to make it more affordable all-round; together, you could plot and plan a post-honeymoon holiday on the newlyweds’ behalf, giving them a free holiday to their favourite place.

Personalised Comfort Items

If you’re still struggling for ideas, you cannot go far wrong with the personal touch; you could order bespoke personalised items to commemorate their wedding, and make their shared life together more comfortable. If you know how to sew, you could make a patchwork quilt for them with their initials sewn in. If you’re not one for crafts, a simple monogrammed towel set can be a niche but fun gift they have no choice but to share.

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