Dear Bean – Week Thirty Five

Dear Bean

Not too much to report this week. I’ve had lots of Braxton Hicks, Bean is sitting really low – which is good I guess, but mighty uncomfortable! I’ve had a bit of lower back ache too, but still sleeping fine {other than having to wake to go pee}. I’m super slow at walking anywhere right now, and the other night when I went to collect Kiki from gymnastics is seemed to take a huge amount of effort to make myself walk at all. I’ve definitely hit the ‘waddling’ stage.

I’ve sorted a few more things out – cloth nappies have been washed and are ready to go, I just need to get/make some washable wipes. I got a new {to me} ring sling, a baby swing, a few more clothes… so really, all I actually need now is a baby.

It’s hard to imagine in just a few weeks he’ll be in my arms, Beastie and Baya especially are very excited for his arrival. I am too – I will be so glad to not be pregnant, this is definitely the pregnancy I’ve enjoyed the least. I think that’s mostly because it’s felt so hard as life is crazy busy and being pregnant has made it harder. I’ll be glad to be able to bend over again, paint my own toenails and roll over at night without having to sit up!

Just a few weeks left to go – I’m trying to take it slow, and enjoy them – but at the same time there is so much I want to do before Bean arrives!

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