Christmas Day Dinner – getting ahead of the game

Christmas Day Dinner - getting ahead of the game

With just over two weeks to the big day, I’ve got my plan ready for what we’ll be eating for our Christmas dinner, as well as timings and preparation.

Christmas Dinner is a big event, one of the major parts of Christmas and one that can make or break the day. Whether you’re just feeding your immediate family, or you have every aunt and uncle coming to join in the feast, there is a lot of pressure to get everything just right. We Brits seem to go all out – it’s not just about the main dish, but the sides are just as important. There have been Christmas Days I’ve been stuck in the kitchen, trying to get everything prepared and ready for the same time, feeling a bit like I’m missing out on the fun everyone else is having, ending up stressed out and annoyed.

Being prepared is key, being on top of everything and feeling in control. Also, be realistic – do you really need 10 side dishes?!

Christmas Day Dinner - getting ahead of the game

1| Make a plan ~ decide exactly what you’ll be cooking this year. Turkey or a meat-free alternative for the centerpiece? What side dishes can you not live without {we have to have roast potatoes, Yorkshire Puddings, braised red cabbage, and stuffing}?

2| Preparation ~ once you know what you’re cooking, look for things that you can prep ahead of time. Veg can be peeled and chopped and frozen now, or prepared the day before and kept in the fridge overnight to save time on Christmas Day.

3| Figure out timings – when you know what time you want to eat, you can work backward and work out what time everything needs to be in the oven for.

4| Get ready the day before ~ we always set the table for Christmas Dinner the night before, I’ll do any food prep that is left to do, make the stuffing balls to keep in the fridge, prepare the gravy, double check my timings for the next day so it’s fresh in my head.

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Failing that, let someone else take the stress out of the planning for you. Hello Fresh has created an ‘Ulitmate Christmas Dinner Guide’. It gives you everything you need to know to prepare your Christmas feast, including all-important timings and even fail-safe recipes, some of which can be made in advance to save you time. You can download their fantastic Cheat Sheet here, and take the stress out of your Christmas Day!

This post is in collaboration with Hello Fresh. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


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