Kid-friendly bedroom makeovers

We’ve had a few bedroom swap-arounds this year. When we moved in, Kiki and Baya shared the master room, Lola had the small back bedroom and Beastie had the other front bedroom. Fast forward 18 months, and I decided to swap Lola and Beastie’s rooms around, as he doesn’t’ even sleep in his room, and his was a little bigger {and lighter} than Lola’s. Then a few months later, after a lot of nagging from Kiki, I finally did one last swap and let her have a room of her own. Now, technically, Baya and Beastie share a room – in as much as his bed, wardrobe and soft toys are in Baya’s room, though he still sleeps with me so she mostly has the room to herself. We’ve plans to move one of them down into the playroom in a few years when Beastie and Baya can’t/don’t want to share and we need a fifth bedroom.

I’ve also been doing a little bit of decorating here and there, making their rooms reflect their personalities. I saw someone asking on my Facebook the other day if you let your kids choose their own decor. Within reason, I do – I did say no to painting all of Lola’s walls black though {mean Mama}. Instead, she opted for a feature wall, we painted a couple of Kiki’s walls a lush parma violet colour and I’m about to create a mountain feature wall {compelte with starry sky} in Baya and Beastie’s room.

As I don’t have a huge budget, I’ve been looking for flexible options, creating rooms that can grow and change with them as they get older. No race-car beds, but instead classic pieces that will stand the test of time.

If you’re considering a makeover for one of your kiddos rooms, here are a few tips

* Feature Wall

A little easier to change up than painting a whole room, it’s a great way to add some colour and personality to a room, especially if like our house, all the other walls are white. Either one bold colour, or painting some mutli-coloured geometric shapes, it’s an effective way to quickly change how a room looks and feels.

* Storage

Storage is essential, given how many things kids seem to collect. If your bedrooms are small, consider cabin beds – either full height or half height, as these offer great storage solutions without taking up all of the floor space with bulky furniture. My middle two have mid-sleepers that have wardrobes, drawers and a desk underneath AND we left the boards off that go behind the ladder so they also have a den space under the bed!

* Lighting

Light fittings often get overlooked, but a funky light fitting in a room can make a HUGE difference. For an inexpensive lampshade, buy a giant paper lantern and spray it with glitter spray!

* Windows

A good pair of curtains that block out the light at night and keep the room warm is great, but in smaller spaces, I prefer to use blinds. Direct Blinds have some great options that are perfect for kids bedrooms, blocking out the light without getting in the way.


Accessories are the best way to change up a room quickly and to introduce trends in a way that doesn’t cost too much money. Beaded door curtains, new duvet covers, throw pillows for the bed, new artwork for the walls…. they’re all good, quick ways to makeover your kids space. SO if your child has their heart set on a neon pink bedroom, but you’re not feeling it, why not add pops of colour through a few pillows, a rug, maybe some frames on the wall instead of painting the entire room?!

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