Bathtime fun with Aldi

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My kids love bath time, while it doesn’t happen every day, my littlest two love nothing more than a good half hour in the bath {at least}, loads of bubbles and some fun toys to play with. It’s a great way to help them begin to unwind from the day and mark the start of bedtime. I usually add a couple of drops of lavender oil to the bath to help them relax.

While we already have an overflowing basket full of bath time toys, there is nothing quite like some new ones. Aldi sent us three great bath toys ahead of their Baby & Toddler Event, that is instore from 17th August.

Beastie and Baya both loved the foam letters and numbers, they’re a great way to introduce little ones to their ABC’s and 123’s.  The Octopus Hoopla is a fun game to play in the bath, trying to hook the rings over the octopus’s tentacles. We also received a little fishing set – fishing net and some plastic loops to catch. At just £2.99 each they are an absolute bargain.

Aldi also has lots of other bargains in their Baby & Toddler Event – from Aldi’s Baby Snuggle Nest at just £19.99 {a bargain alternative to the PoddlePod} to a Motorola baby monitor for £16.99, plus food, clothes, toys and bedding at low prices. It’s a great time to go and stock up for your little one.


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