Keeping kids occupied in the holidays

Keeping kids occupied in the summer holidays

We’re really enjoying the slower pace of life that summer has brought us, while the girls still have gymnastics running all summer, most other groups have finished, and with Lola home from school, we’re totally embracing these slow days, when we’re not rushing to fit everything in, racing from one group to another, and trying to keep up with a million commitments.

We’ve lots of fun planned for the summer, days out, holidays, play dates with friends… but I’ve made sure we’ve had plenty of days at home too. I think it’s important for kids to have long, unfilled day at home to fill with their own imaginative play, reading, creating… whatever it is they love to do.

Keeping kids occupied in the summer holidays

I do like to plan a few fun activities for those home days though… especially useful right now, given the awful weather we’re having! Keeping a list of quick, easy ideas to entertain the kiddos is great to fill in those rainy days, when you’ve heard ‘I’m bored’ for the tenth time. They don’t have to be big things, nor expensive…. bake some cookies, build a blanket fort and throw on a movie, have a spa night, go for a nature hunt…

If you’re in need of some ideas to fill these long, summer days Room to grow have put together a blog post with ten great fun ideas to keep your kiddos busy this summer. They even have some great colouring sheets for you to print off, as well as this great checklist so you can tick off all the activities as you go along!

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How many can you tick off this summer?

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