Family time


Hey! I’m brushing off the cobwebs that have gathered in this space, it’s been 10 whole days since I blogged! In truth, I’ve not felt the pull to come to this space. I think I needed a little break to recenter myself and gather my thoughts. I’m feeling a little lost, feeling a bit like it’s time to make some changes, though I don’t really¬†know what they should be or what/where I want to go. I’ve been enjoying being more present in the everyday life, slowing down and just enjoying the time with my kiddos. Though this space allows me to do that, so I need to find some new balance somehow.

The kiddos and I headed back home to spend a few days at my Dad’s house last week. It was a much-needed break from day-to-day life and we had so much fun. It really made me miss living close to family, being able to spend more time with them and having other people around to help out a little. I could quite happily have stayed there and not come back here. As much as I love my house, I do wish I could pick it up and move closer to my family.

We lucked out and caught the end of the heat wave while we were there. The kiddos spent most of our break in their grandparents garden, soaking up the sun, playing in the pool and having fun with their cousins. We’ve been home for a few days, and I’m finally feeling like getting back into some kind of normal rhythm at last. While I try and catch up on life, work, emails and everything else, here a few photos from our time away last week.












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