Great Tips for Mom’s Returning to School


Many women consider returning to school once they have had children, some to further their careers or move into a more flexible industry, others to take on a career that allows them to help others and give something back. Then, some women choose to return to school, not with work in mind, but as a way to give themselves something away from the family to focus on – to stretch their minds and challenge themselves. Whatever your reasons for choosing to further your education, you are probably worried about fitting your studies in around your family commitments. You don’t need to be. More women than ever are managing to either study or work around raising their children, so here are some tips to help to you successfully do the same.

Choose Wisely

You are much more likely to be successful, and enjoy it, if you choose a course that means something to you, or that will enable you to get the career of your dreams. For example, a course in addiction studies from the University of South Dakota could give you all the addiction counselor training you need to go on to help a huge number of people.

Study Online

With addiction studies and many other courses now available online, you aren’t as limited as you once were when it comes to online study options. Studying for your degree online gives you fantastic options to study flexibly, in your own time, and at a pace that suits you and your family. Studying online lets you fit your studies around your family’s needs, not the other way around.

Study Part-Time

Part-time study is available both in school and online, and is another great option for parents. While it will take you longer to complete your course, it puts a lot less pressure on you and you may find it much easier to manage.

Stick to a Routine

Try to implement a routine, both with your family and your studies. Have set times when you put the books aside and focus on the kids. As well as set times, study when you know the kids are doing something else happily and you can devote yourself to your learning without interruption.

Be Organized

Organization is a big part of parenting, so if you are studying at the same time, you need to take it a step further. Plan everything as far in advance as you possibly can. Arrange extra childcare or playdates for when you know you’ve got a big assignment due. Plan to catch up on work another time, or finish early, if you know the kids have something coming up that requires your full attention. Write everything down to make it easier to organize.

Remember Why You’re Doing it

There will be times when you’ll get stressed out and it may seem like too much. When this happens, remind yourself of why you started, what you hope to achieve, and what you love about studying. This should help you get through the harder days.

Studying can be incredibly rewarding and lead to a much brighter future for you and your family, even just by making you a happier mom. If it’s what you want, go for it. What’s stopping you?


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