A Lovely Look for Less: Frugal Fashion Trends in Fabulous Wedding Dresses



As with almost every clothing item, seasonal trends come and go yearly with wedding dresses being no exception. Now that 2016 has been and gone, everyone’s looking to 2017 to provide new and innovative wedding dress trends that this year’s brides can use for inspiration.

However, with the average wedding dress costing up to a whopping $1,520, many brides on a budget think they can’t afford to keep up with current trends – that couldn’t be further from the truth. Feeling like a style icon on your wedding day doesn’t have to break the bank, and below you’ll discover the most popular wedding dress trends for 2017 and how you can easily achieve them without spending thousands!


A popular trend both on and off the wedding aisle, off-the-shoulder dresses have taken 2016 by storm and they’re showing no sign of leaving anytime soon. Elegant and sexy without showing too much flesh, off-the-shoulder dresses are hugely flattering on a variety of figures, especially for you taller ladies out there.

Whilst some of the top, most well-renowned designers produce some stunning off-the-shoulder dresses, you’re easily able to find perfect high street alternatives simply because this trend has been around for a while, making it a great one to go for purely for this reason. High fashion trends always filter into the high street eventually, and wedding dresses are no exception.  


It’s almost inevitable that successful trends from decades ago will always come back eventually, with ruffles being a huge example of this. Now we’ve begun 2017, wedding dresses incorporating ruffled, flowing skirts expected to be hugely popular during this year’s wedding season. Often, ruffles tend to suit a more slender, un-curvy figure simply because they add extra body and shape to the silhouette.

Since ruffles haven’t been necessarily ‘high-fashion’ this season for quite as long as off-the-shoulder dresses have, it may be quite difficult to find cheaper replications on the high street that match the quality and elegance of designers. However, by checking out this exclusive list of designers, you’ll discover how to shop high-end without the high price-tag.


Perfect for the more conservative bride, the high-neck trend for wedding dresses has had a similar effect as off-the-shoulder has; extremely popular with no sign of being overthrown by another trend any time soon. High-neck dresses are popular simply because of the versatility they provide, making them suitable for almost any bride.

They can be completely opaque for a more conservative look, or be crafted from sheer material with coverage where needed for a sexier, more sleek style. Like off-the-shoulder dresses, high-neck has been fashionable for long enough now to find great alternatives on the high street, with none of your guests ever knowing the difference!

It is 100% possible to be frugal and still follow current wedding trends – you just need to know which trends will give you the best high-street alternatives, and exactly which sites will offer the most popular designers at lower prices!

Imogen Goodwin is a fashion design student and she is focusing her studies on wedding dress design. Her articles mainly appear on lifestyle blogs.


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