The Right Holiday Swimsuit For You Is Just A Click Away


Tis the season to rejoice if you wear a plus size! The online shopping revolution has made it even easier to shop for trendy plus size swimwear this holiday season. Whether you’re headed to the Bahamas or a friend’s backyard hot tub, there are more options than ever. There was once a time when, for far too many women, the prospect of shopping for a swimsuit was a daunting one. For decades, fashion magazines and popular media pushed the notion that only slender women should consider wearing swimsuits. Unfortunately, many brick-and-mortar retailers and the fashion designers that worked for them were all too happy to entertain this idea. When curvy women set out to shop for attire to wear on the beach or to the swimming pool, they could only find swimsuits that were designed for women with fewer curves. Many shoppers also might have found themselves feeling discouraged from the idea of going shopping for beachwear at all because they believed the false idea that they should not wear swimsuits — all because their size and body types were not being represented or catered to.

Fortunately for these consumers, the rise of e-commerce has meant that they are able to see other curvy women like plus-size model Tess Holliday or plus-size fashion blogger Gabi Greg of become successful advocates of plus size modelling. Plus-size fashion icons like Gabi Fresh showed the world that is possible to create a sense of style that is all your own no matter what size you are while Tess Holliday showed women everywhere that being plus size is fabulous and not the liability that many voices in society try to make it out to be.

The influence of women like Tess and Gabi have shown curvy women across the nation that they have a bikini body no matter what dress size they wear. The online shopping revolution has also risen up to provide plus size women with options they never had before. Online retailers like swimsuitsforall sell swimsuits exclusively in plus sizes, making it easier for women of every shape to shop for sizzling plus size swimwear during the holiday season.

Online swimwear retailers make the process of shopping for sizzling plus size swimwear something that is fun rather than a demoralizing task to dread. One reason for this is all of the dynamic prints and the functional yet beautiful designs that their websites offer. This holiday season, visit to purchase a swimsuit like the Swim Sexy collection’s black and pink one-piece that comes with a fun purple lip-print. They also carry swimsuits like the functional and smartly designed Madame Taffy Underwire Bikini, a high-waisted bikini that comes in a color that looks great on anyone: vivid pink. The top and bottom also have black accents that give the bikini an overall look that is very stylish and flattering on many different body types.

Both of these trendy swimsuits are great options for anyone that may find themselves needing a swimsuit for a winter vacation to a tropical locale. Swimsuits might be out of season for many brick-and-mortar stores, but online retailers offer a wide variety of options for plus size swimwear all year long.


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