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When Frozen first came out, Kiki and Baya were OBSESSED… {hence our cat being called Olaf!!}. We literally watched it millions of times – and beastie also loves to sing along to the songs too! So when we were offered the chance to go watch Disney on Ice presents Frozen I knew they’d love it so much! I kept it a secret until the morning of the day we went – one because surprises are fun, but also I knew if I told them they’d be too much squealing and questions of ‘how many days till we go?!’

Finally, the day arrived – I popped it in their activity advent calendar for the day – and when they opened the envelope there was a lot of squealing! We headed out to Liverpool for the day, we snuck off for lunch at Pizza Hut before heading to the Echo Arena for the half two show. We arrived a little early, with a sleeping Beastie, but managed to park up the pushchair and find our way to our seats.

The show began with Mickey and Minnie and some old friends- getting everyone excited and in the mood for fun!


Then the bit we’d been waiting for… Frozen!



The girls {and Beastie} were mesmerised the whole way through, the skaters were amazing, and I was impressed how well all the reindeer skaters did! Even beastie, at not quite two, sat happily the whole time and watched the show and joined in the singing.




I’d never quite seen the pull of Disney on Ice before we went – but now I’m sold! I might book tickets for the Disney On Ice 100 Years of Magic show which will be going nationwide in March 2017. This looks like a great show with over 50 Disney characters, you can find all the details on their site here.

Do you have Disney fans in your house?

We recieved free tickets and costs to see the show – all words and thoughts are our own


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