Do You Need a Breast Reduction?


When breast surgery is mentioned, most people think of augmentation or enlargement, as western society deems large, yet somehow perky, breasts to be the optimum pair. However, many women with large or oversized breasts dream of smaller ones because the sheer weight and size affects their health, their self-esteem and even their lifestyle.

Here are five signs that might tell you that you need to consider a breast reduction:

Your breasts are very large – too large for your body

This might sound simple, but it’s the most obvious sign. Your breasts are out of proportion with the rest of you, they weigh you down and attract unwanted attention. The excessive weight puts a strain on your back and shoulders and this affects your energy levels and your general health.

Your breasts are affecting your posture and your mood

If you have poor posture – drooping or hunching forwards – then it could be down to the size of your breasts. You can check if your breasts are affecting your posture by checking your nipples and areolae; if they point downwards rather than forwards you may be, quite literally, being dragged down by them. Bad posture can hurt your back and cause confidence issues.

Your breasts make clothes shopping embarrassing and frustrating

If you’re always finding it difficult to buy bras and other clothes because you can never find them in a big enough size, a reduction may be in order. You know the drill – you’re a size 10 to 12 in bottoms, but a 20 up top – try finding dresses with that combo! You have to spend more on specialist bras, or make do with slightly-too-small ones that exacerbate any problems you may be having.

Your breasts seem to have a vendetta against you

Slightly dramatic sub-heading there, but it’s no joke when your breasts prevent you from exercising and occasionally make it hard for you to breathe. This can mean you find weight loss and fitness harder to achieve, which affects your breast size, your posture and your confidence – a vicious circle that can be broken by surgery. A breast reduction in Manchester with Dr Gary Ross can make a huge difference to the quality of your life.

Your breasts are a pain in the neck, and the back, and even the arms

Perhaps the most important aspect of oversized breasts is the fact that they cause pain in the necks, shoulders, backs and arms – this is referred pain from the neck and shoulders – of women. This pain is the primary signal that your doctor will look for when you ask about breast reduction. Sadly, it will only worsen over time, so start thinking about a breast reduction early if you’re already starting to suffer.

As a woman, your breasts are an important part of your body, but if they’re causing you serious emotional, physical and even social, problems, then help is available. More than 95% of women who opt for reduction surgery would recommend it to others. If you’re thinking about breast reduction, talk to your doctor in the first instance to rule out any other causes for discomfort, then see a well-respected cosmetic surgeon and find out how surgery could help you lead a more comfortable life.

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