This Homeschooling Life #9

this Homeschooling Life #9

May! These months roll by and before I know we’re starting a whole new fresh month and I’m looking back on the past month, desperately trying to remember what we’ve done! I think with the girls being bigger these days, they go off and do their own thing so much more – they don’t need me to set projects all the time for them, or get the craft stuff out – they can do it on their own. Which is amazing, but means I don’t always see what’s going on and sometimes think we’re not doing much.

Lola spends a huge amount of time drawing and writing stories – hidden away in her room, I guess that’s being an almost teenager and wanting your own space! Occasionally she’ll bring me some sketches to see, or a story to read. She has also been working through some courses with FutureLearn – they’re a fantastic free resource with some great courses – they’re aimed at adults, but a lot can be managed by teens, and I’ve done a couple of the science courses with all the kids together – just adapting it as we go.

Kiki and Baya have been doing lots of reading this past month. It’s so lovely to see them stuck into a book and enjoying it! Baya loves reading to us all know – showing off her reading skills! Those two spend their afternoons crafting or practising their gymnastics whilst the Beastie naps and I work.

I don’t feel like I have much to report back on this month… the kiddos have followed their Maths/English programmes they do in the mornings when we’re home. Lola is still working on some history and geography courses too. I spent a week or so doing a mini project on habitats with Kiki and Baya. We talked about what a habitat is, read some stories, watched a few documentaries, played a couple of online games I found {thanks google!!} and ultimately they made these shoebox habitats for animals of their choice. {This site and this one have some great topic ideas for studying habitats with your little ones}. We’ve just started a new project on the heart that we’ll be working on this coming month.

As the weather gets nicer, I find that we spend more time outdoors, playing in the garden, going to the park, taking long walks – and less time at home. Winter is our project time – a time to hunker down, craft, create, study… anything house based to keep warm and dry! Come the summer and while we keep up with basic work, we tend to spend less time on projects and the like as we get out and about to make the most of the little bit of summer we get.

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  1. May 2, 2016 / 23:50

    That craft is so cool! We’re talking lots about habitats at the moment so will look at the links you suggested. I agree, when the weather is great, getting outside is the best use of time!

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