Choosing the right pushchair

choosing the right pushchair

With {soon to be} four children, we’ve been through many different pushchairs over the years. I remember picking out the very first one when I was pregnant with Lola twelve years ago! There are so many different types and options around that it can be overwhelming knowing which one is the right one for you.

There are a few things that you need to take into consideration when deciding what pushchair to purchase.

1// Child’s Needs:

If you’re buying for a newborn, then you need a pushchair that will lay flat, or has a carrycot attachment. Personally, I don’t like to use car seats on the pushchair as being in a semi-upright position for long periods may place a strain on your baby’s developing spine.

Do you want your child to be facing you or facing forwards? Some pushchairs are adaptable so that you can change the way your child is facing – this will give you the greatest flexibility and may save you having to purchase another pushchair after a few months. I love having mine facing me, so that we can interact and chat as we’re walking around, especially when they are newborn/tiny babies. An older child may like to see where they are going though!

2// Your Lifestyle

For us, a pushchair is a daily essential – we currently don’t have a car, and I can’t drive so our pushchairs get used a lot. I need something that has a good-sized shopping basket and is easily maneuvered through the town.

Will you be on smooth paths or off-roading? If you do lots of country walks, then you might want to consider a three-wheeler – with thicker tires and a better suspension they really are great off-road! We actually have a three-wheeler that I use just for when we are out in the countryside – the tires can handle the rough terrain, and being designated for outdoors, I don’t worry about a little mud!

If you do more driving than walking, you will want something that is lightweight and compact so that it fits into your boot easily. Equally, if you have to use public transport lots, you may also need something that is easy to fold up and carry on and off of a bus.

Also, think about where you will keep the pram at home.

cosato giggle pushchair
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3// Your Budget

There are pushchairs that fit all budgets. Think about how long you’ll be using it for, or if you plan on keeping it for more children. If you’re purchasing for a newborn, you may be best buying a travel system that will take you through at least the first two years.

Does it come with accessories? Check before you buy – some pushchairs require you to buy the chassis and seat separately. This time around, we have a Cosatto Giggle Travel System that came with everything we need – chassis, pushchair seat, carrycot, car seat, raincovers and even a changing bag.

The final piece of advice I have is to notice what other people are pushing – if you see someone in the street with a pushchair you like the looks of, don’t be afraid to go ask what it is! Also – even if you purchase online, go into a store so that you can try a few out – push them around the shop, try collapsing them, and see if they ‘feel’ right for you.


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  1. November 18, 2014 / 21:43

    There are so many great pushchairs available now I think I’d really struggle to choose! All great advice though. We still have the first pushchair we bought but it doesn’t really get used much now – it ended up being much less awesome than I thought it would be.

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