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I’m lucky enough to have a {tiny} home office… in reality a tiny nook off our living room. Big enough for my desk, which is our old dining table, a chair, and a giant pinboard on the wall! It’s my own little hidey-hole, somewhere I can write, create, dream and plan.

In a busy house, with so many things going on, having my own little work space is fantastic. Having a dedicated space for me to work has made such a difference. Before I used to use the dining table, which not only meant setting up and packing away every. single. time. I needed to use anything, but also meant that I couldn’t leave things half finished ready to come back to.

i’ve also found, having a set workspace, helps separate ‘work’ from ‘home’ – even though it’s always there. For some reason, the other people in my house, seem to think that my desk is a good place to put things they don’t know where else to put ha!

My office was badly in need of a tidy, organise and mini-makeover this week, see the before photo for proof:

before desk area

The first step was to clear off the mountains of ‘stuff’ that had accumulated on my desk. That done, I set about making it more visualing pleasing, as well as more productive to being able to work. I have a huge pinboard above my desk, perfect for pinning orders, today’s to-do list, inspiring quotes and any paperwork I need to keep handy. But it wasn’t very pretty to look at, so I decided to give it a new look. A couple of coats of paint later, and some washi tape around the frame and it looks so much prettier!

I also treated myself to a squishy new cushion for my chair, I’d love to get a new chair, as the old dining chair I’m using isn’t the comfiest, but the cushion helps for now! While my desk is a place for working, I also need somewhere that is pretty and a pleasant place to be. A vintage bowl for my washi tapes, some owls, a paper star and honeycomb pompom’s on the ceiling and some artwork on the walls makes it feel less like an office, and more like my sanctuary ;)

The only bad point about the room is that it doesn’t have a window, so has no natural light coming in. I recently repainted the walls a bright white which helped, but I would love to get a new lamp for my desk.

I use two old cd racks, tipped on their sides to create shelves on the desk. These work great, as they are open fronted so I can see and grab the things that I need, and have sections to keep things in order! The only other thing that I want to add at some point, is a cosy wool rug, so that I don’t get cold toes while sat at my desk!

It’s a really hard space to photograph, as it’s so small and has no natural light, but even so, you can see what a difference a tidy and a few new items have made!

my desk


washe tape

tattoo cushion

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29 thoughts on “Where I Work

  1. The before looks just like how I work, I’m pretty messy and unorganised! I really need my own office and a pin board to make lists! At the moment I have a desk in the corner of my living room and the kids are always pulling my drawers out and messing with everything, can’t wait to have somewhere that they aren’t allowed in! x

  2. What a cute little office space – I think it’s so important to have a space like this if you’re working from home! And it looks lovely all tidy and freshened up :)

  3. You have such a cute little nook here! I love the star light and paper balls, it makes it seem so cozy. You’re inspiring me to tidy up my own little desk space!

  4. It’s so tricky getting the balance right isn’t it. I’m home based too and the work/home combo doesn’t always work as it should. You’ve done brilliantly, what a great space :)

  5. I love your space. When we only had Danny, I had my own home office- such a luxury! I never actually sat or worked in there but it was brilliant for storage. Now we are so cramped for space, but if I work hard on the utility room I’m sure I can get myself a little table and pinboard. Thanks for the inspiration. :-) x

  6. Just how I like to work – organised chaos I call it (no offence!) I accumulate big piles of ‘bits and bobs’ , all very handy and must be kept but very much a mixed bag of ‘stuff’. Papasaurus says it looks a mess but I always seem to know exactly where everything is!

  7. I love the before and after pics – it’s really inspiring me to sort out my mini office space which looks worse than your before pic! I too need to streamline things and I love your CD stacking storage idea!

    Laura x

  8. I’ve always thought that my room is crowded, but what you have, Polly, makes my little bedroom – which I am thinking of moving out of – look really, really tidy!

    Although I play about far too much when on the computer, and realise that with Australia’s far-right government (well, even Labor is right-wing compared to the “conservative” parties of Eurasia, the Americas or New Zealand) I might lose my pension very soon since Australia possesses a peace between classes that would be seventh heaven for European politicians and consequently politicians are able to cut spending to an extent that would get them overthrown by force in Spain or Italy.

    It’s clear that you are doing a lot of work yourself, and must be able to plan much better than I ever could!

  9. Your ‘before’ looks about like how mine looks at the moment. Seeing the ‘after’ picture makes me want to tidy up mine. I love the way you decorate..gotta love the owls! :)

  10. I simple had to tidy my desk yesterday, it had gone beyond the point of being a creative space. I love the use of your vintage pieces as containers, I’ve been doing that too. Fab cushion! #loveyourhome

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