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Happy Thursday Guys! Yay for nearly being the weekend. Yesterday started off a little grey and damp, so we spent the morning inside doing some fun science experiments. By lunchtime the sun had come out, so we headed out to enjoy the garden. The kiddos put their little playtent out on the grass and happily spent the afternoon playing in there. I pottered around doing a few jobs, grass trimming, weed pulling, watering, potting up some seedlings… I love this time of year!

I snapped a few photos while I was outdoors, wearing my new Sunjellies. I was surprised at how comfy they were, as I remember the ones I had as a kiddo rubbing my feet. But these don’t at all, I wore them all day and walked a couple of miles dropping kiddos off at groups and backs and my feet were still happy!

I think the kiddos would like a pair each for the summer too. I love that they come in some fab, fun colours. Which are your favourites?

It’s so nice looking at these photos and seeing so much colour in my garden, it’s only a month since I re-seeded the lawn and it’s back to a lush green instead of a mudbath!! The bluebells are out as well adding more colour! Our first lot of salad leaves are just about ready to start picking, the onions are through and it looks like we’re going to have rather a lot of cucumber and courgette plants this year ;)

I’m so grateful to have the outside space we do, the kiddos have so much freedom to run and play outdoors, the sandpit is full again, with a slide, climbning frame, swings, see-saw and trees to climb who needs to go to the park?!

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36 thoughts on “Bluebells and SunJellies

  1. i used to love jellies when i was little, but once i got cut by a piece of glass (or something) and i’ve not been able to wear them since as they always make me think of that. they are super cute though.

  2. I love your jellies they are bright and colourful and it is great that they are comfortable as i too have painful memories of blisters as a child! The technology must have moved on :-)

  3. Those sandals (“sunjellies”) look better than their name would suggest.

    As a boy, I hated non-leather sandals for the very simple reason that they wore out so badly and quickly under the hard stresses (cycling, running) which my way of life subjects them to. for this reason, I have been as careful as possible about buying sandals – and in recent weeks as the weather becomes cooler here I have had trouble finding them.

    What are those purple sandals actually made of, and what brand are they?

  4. I love Sunjellies so much, I’m so excited for the warmer weather to get them out again! Even though I’ve already got two pairs I’m a little bit in love with this colour!

  5. I wore those as a child. I must have been lucky as they did not rub.
    Fabulous pictures and great that the green green grass of home was restored so quickly (sorry that’s an Irish song I was breaking into there).
    You should add this post to the How Does Your Garden Grow linky.
    Btw, I absolutely love your blog header.
    Liska x

  6. I always wanted a pair of jellies when I was younger and I was so jealous of my friend who had two pairs! I finally got some and loved them as much as I thought I was going to :) Think I’ll have to have a look out for a pair for the summer :)

    1. Next time some d-bag tells me that girls shl&9dnu#03o;t write about baseball, I'm going to do two things. One, tell them to shut up. Two, show them this article. Seriously, great job!

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