Game Playing


There’s been lots of board game playing since we got back from our holidays. Of course, it helps that we have some new ones to play! We tend to play more board games in the winter, when it’s cold and wet and dark by half past three. Orchard is a collaborative game, aimed at younger children, although my bigger two were quite happy to play along! I think the cute little basket’s helped ;) You all work together to collect the fruit off the tree before the raven can eat it. It’s a lovely game, the girls loved the wooden fruit pieces, although the baskets are quite delicate given that it’s designed for small children. It’s nice to have a game that encourages them to work together, rather than competing to be the winner.

The other two games, Seeland and Labyrinth are both aimed at eight plus. Labyrinth is a race to collect your treasures, in a maze that is constantly moving. We loved this one. It challenged the girls to really think a few moves ahead, yet it was’t too difficult that it wasn’t fun. With a little help, Baya played along too. It’s a fun game, great to play as a family – not too long and drawn out, and really encourages strategic thinking. This will get lots of play this winter.

Seeland is set during the 17th Century Netherlands. Players become a Dutch merchant, who has to purchase windmills and seeds. This game has more complex rules, making play a little slow until you’ve gotten the hand of them all. The girls enjoyed it, I think after a few more plays it will flow better as we’ll know what we are supposed to be doing! Definitely suited to older children, it’s a fun, longer game to play as a family.


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