Creating the Ultimate Entertainment Space for Your Family

When you think of your dream family entertainment space, it should incorporate things you and your loved ones love. For example, for a family of movie buffs, an entertainment space with a large TV or projector and screen with theater-style seating makes sense, but families who love game nights might prefer a large table with plenty of seating. Regardless of the use of space, a cohesive design brings it together. Design can include everything from striped wallpaper to leather furniture. Following a few design tips can make the process easier.

1. Creating a Cozy Sharing Space

Families love to tell stories. Whether at dinner or around the living fire, family stories help broaden connections and strengthen bonds. A sharing space should be a part of any entertainment room. The area can be small and intimate, with just a couple of chairs and a side table, but it should be off to the side or in a quieter part of the room.

If the space is the room’s primary focus, then choose large seating pieces. For example, find an l-shaped or u-shaped sectional β€” if there’s room. The key is to choose pieces that create closeness and comfort.

2. Maximize Space With Smart Storage

The last thing you want to do is take away square footage with large cabinets, cupboards, and storage chests. You can maximize the area with multi-functional pieces. For example, choose a sofa with storage under the cushions or a bench for dining that is also a chest. With the growing popularity of minimalist living and tiny spaces, you can find many options for multi-use furnishings. 

3. Establish Specific Zones

A family entertainment space can be more than one thing. For example, one large room might be a game room, movie room, and dining room. While there is nothing wrong with creating a multi-purpose entertainment space, you want to define the areas clearly. For example, you can use pink wallpaper for walls in one place to designate a board game area, or you can use rugs as makeshift dividers. How and why you divide your space is unique to you and your family; all that matters is it makes sense to you.

4. Use Fun Wall Art or Wallpaper

A family entertainment space is all about having fun. You can embrace the joy by incorporating unexpected and creative accent pieces on the walls. Wall art is available in various styles, the same as wallpaper. If your room seems flat or dull, spice things up by choosing bold imagery or patterns for the walls.

5. Find Unique Furniture Accent Pieces

The family space should also have plenty of pieces that spark conversation. Select unique furniture pieces and accents. You can also personalize the space with family photos. The goal of the room is to spark conversation and memories.

An entertainment space for the family is an excellent way to incorporate fun into a home. You can use wallpaper, unique art prints, stylish furnishing, and creative storage to make the space work for your family’s interests. If you would like more pointers about creating a family entertainment space, contact a local interior design consultant.

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