How Your Garden Can Become Your Sanctuary

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One thing that’s become increasingly clear as time goes on is that everyone needs and deserves a sanctuary. Life is busy and stressful, and you might well be juggling work, family responsibilities, chores, and other obligations to the point that there’s very little time for yourself. 

Without having any chance to relax, it’s so easy to fall victim to burnout. The good news is that you can create a relaxing space in your garden to give you the chance to chill out and recuperate from everything else going on in your life. Even a few moments of uninterrupted peace can do wonders for your mental health and emotional well-being. 

Benefits of Nature

No matter where you live or what kind of garden or backyard you have, you can turn any outdoor space that you have into a natural beauty spot. It’s important to get out into nature as much as you can, as nature is good for you. 

Humans have an inbuilt desire to be among nature, especially outdoors. This is why people keep potted plants inside, as it allows them to have a little portion of the natural world all the time. However, being outside is the best way to take advantage of nature and enjoy it.

Nature has physical health benefits, as natural light helps us to produce vitamin D and can even reduce physical pain and improve our immune system. It also encourages you to move around, which is always far healthier than sitting inside in front of a screen. Gardening, for example, is a relaxing hobby that also promotes good health. 

But the most noticeable impact that nature has is on your mental health. Being among nature for a while can improve your concentration and lets you unwind. It can reduce your stress and make you feel far happier and more relaxed. If simply being outdoors can have a positive effect on you, how much more so will being in a beautiful outdoor environment of your own design?

Creating a Haven for Nature

If you are a nature lover, then consider reflecting this interest in how you design your garden. While the traditional lawn looks attractive and is great for providing plenty of wide open spaces for your children or pets to run around in and play, it isn’t the best option for the environment.

A lawn isn’t difficult to maintain, but it does take time to make sure that it looks perfect. However, a slightly more wild space is both easy to maintain and can be truly beautiful. By planting local wildflowers, you attract pollinators and other wildlife to your garden, which helps the local biosphere. 

You can also include water features and trees, for a natural and stunning garden that is a haven for both you and the natural world. If you have the space, there’s nothing wrong with having the best of both worlds in your garden. You can have a wilder part of your garden that looks beautiful, but still maintain some flat open space for your kids to play.

Include bird feeders and make sure that you continue to feed them during the winter months when they’re more dependent on what you provide. This can be a great opportunity to teach your children about nature and different birds, as well as how important it is to be a steward of the natural world. You can also grow vegetables for your family so that you can live a more sustainable lifestyle. 

Even if you don’t have a lot of space, or you only have a yard that’s been concreted, you can still create a natural environment. Include plenty of potted plants for some greenery and focus on pollinator-friendly flowers. This is good for you and for nature. 

A Relaxing Seating Area

As well as creating something natural, you can carve out a little spot for you to sit and relax. Oak pergolas are a great addition to your decking or patio, as they’re a sturdy and attractive source of shelter. The wonderful thing about pergolas is that you can encourage climbing plants to run along them, creating a stunning natural environment to sit.

You can then add seating or lights to your decking so that you can soak up the beauty of nature and truly relax. Some people even go the extra mile and put a hot tub or sauna on their patio, so that they can have a spa experience in their own garden. 

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