Home School High: Smart And Effective Ways To Homeschool Teenagers

Homeschooling a high-school-aged child can be challenging for any parent. Educating a teen allows you to shape and inform a young mind. It also allows your developing student to take a more active role in their education, learning independence and self-reliance along the way.

Here are some effective strategies for homeschooling teenagers, and how you can help them to help you homeschool.

Give Them A Voice In The Classroom

Education, especially at a high school level, is about learning more than simply facts, figures, and data. Children begin to learn adult social skills in their teenage years and develop emotionally as well as physically.

These can be challenging for teens, their teachers, and their parents. You are getting a two-for-one in this equation. Learn some strategies that can help you enjoy better communication with teens so that you can help them to develop as a person and as a pupil.

Better communication will help lead to better education. You can build on these personal skills to work with your homeschooled child to teach a curriculum that inspires and excites them. Giving your teenage student a voice in the classroom and influence over their education empowers them.

Let Them Lead Your Curriculum Choices

One of the best ways to get the most out of your teenage home student, and give them an education that they enjoy, is to slowly give them more control and influence over their subjects and timetable.

As children grow, their interests and skills begin to develop, and you should focus your lessons on these new passions to help them learn through inspiration. They will thrive with a curriculum that is suited to their specialties.

You can use these topics, like history or geography, for example, to teach math and English language studies. Framing math problems with battle statistics from the civil war, or the population density of South American cities, can help a student to enjoy their work more.

Be Flexible With Your Timetable

This can be a great idea for both teacher and their homeschooled teenage student. When children are young, structured timetables are much more important. As students grow older having a more flexible student can be a better way to educate them.

Teenagers are never great in the morning and can struggle to pay attention to traditional subjects. Starting a little later in the day can give you a more attentive student, and extra time to prepare for lessons, run errands, or complete some chores.

Finish your school day later or give them study time after dinner to complete their day. Giving a teenager a flexible timetable from 11 am to 8 pm, with breaks for meals and snacks, can be a more efficient way to educate them. If you have younger children to homeschool too, this timetable lets you set them up for the day first when they are much more active and attentive than a teen.

These simple but effective methods can help you give your homeschooled teen a better education, not just in subjects like math and history, but also in their social development and independence.

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