Last Minute Birthday Celebration Ideas

Have you left planning a friend’s birthday last minute, and are now super stressed about how to plan their big day, in little time or on a little budget? Here are some of my favourite last-minute birthday ideas, so they will never know you were unprepared – and their day will be just as good, if not better than something that took months of planning. What they don’t know can’t hurt them right!?

Quick themes that look great
Try to organise an event based around a theme – this could be something as simple as a happy hour at a local bar or renting out a room at a venue they love. This is a great way to show how much you love them by putting some effort into having all your friends dressed up as a theme. It can also make  it appear as though you have all put a lot of effort into the event, but it will be something that you will all remember in the years to come. You could do Disney-themed, Peaky Blinders or even dress all in one colour, perhaps the birthday guy or girls favourite would be a great personal touch to the celebrations!

DIY Décor

Making your own home made decorations can save you a fortune on the party planning, yet can also be a fun and personal way to start the birthday celebrations. Whether this is for a child or adult, you can always reuse the decorations and change the theme and style accordingly. Why not pick up a card from the Card Factory, and create a personalised card for them – even better it has free 1st class delivery so it will arrive on time even if you leave it last minute!

Snacks and Nibbles

One of the best ways to feed a group quick and easily is buy buying or making some snacks and nibbles – from sausage rolls to sandwiches and cheese straws, there will be something to cater for everyone.  This way you ensure everyone finds something that they like and are able to eat. It can look like you have spent a lot of time and effort, when everything has been made quickly and cheaply in reality!


Why not organise a special activity for the birthday boy or girl, perhaps something that they have been wanting to do for ages but not quite gotten round to. This could be anything from pottery painting, to an escape room or a movie marathon. Try to invite family and friends and do something altogether, or plan a few different things to do for them to extend the celebrations. After all – it’s only your birthday once a year!

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