How to deal with moving with children at home

Many families may reach a point where they want or need, to move home. While some parents may arrange much of the move when their children are at school, as this might be more convenient, this may not be possible for parents who home-school their children. Instead, you may be required to find ways to manage the selling and moving of property simultaneously with your children’s care and education.

Offset tasks

Not all of the jobs associated with moving home need to be undertaken by yourself. Using a company such as Compass Realty can help you to prepare yourself for selling your current home, and even aid you in finding a new home. Generally speaking, there may be positive and negative reviews for any realty company you find, so it could be beneficial to physically speak to a representative so that you can decide who best listens to your issues and, therefore, who might be more likely to help you within your search. In addition to this, a realty company might also have tips for you to be able to reassure your children about the move, especially if they have previously worked with clients who home-school.

Make time for emotions

Children can often feel a range of different emotions in regard to moving home. At times, these may also extend to physical problems, such as issues with sleeping or even feeling unwell. Talking to your child about the move, and how they feel about it, could go a long way. Discussing the move could also help them to understand some of the processes that occur when you want to move home, which could be important for them when they reach adulthood. Either way, when your child feels heard they may be able to better understand your reasons for moving, and even the stress it puts you under. In turn, this may help them to better focus on their work, enabling you to deal with realty brokers with less interruption.

Be patient

While you may want to move as soon as possible, it is unlikely that this will be the case. You may want to prepare your children for the move, but make it clear it could take weeks, or even months until that day comes. This may actually work in your favor. Not only can it give you time to help them adjust to the move, but it can also teach them to be more patient. You can also help to teach this by role modeling how to manage disappointment, especially if you get low offers on your home, or an offer you have made isn’t accepted. One of the benefits of home-schooling can be to choose your own curriculum, so emotional management, patience, and other life skills could be learned due to moving home.

Having your children at home may not be ideal when you are trying to facilitate a move, but it can have numerous benefits. Not only can you get a better indication of your children’s emotions and opinions, but you may be able to use this as a learning opportunity.

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