Sunny days, springtime and Easter Chocolate

This week has been bliss- sunshine, blue skies, warm{ish weather. What a difference it makes! Nothing beats jumping out of bed in the morning to Spring weather, that first cup of tea outdoors, soaking up some sunlight.

The kids have been outside pretty much all week long, playing with forgotten toys unearthed from the depths of the shed whilst I tidy the last bits of winter from the garden.

The boys spent ages the other day making a pretend egg hunt–Beastie telling Oren all about Easter egg hunts and how much fun they are!

I suddenly realised this week just how close Easter is, March has raced by. And while we’ve got Mother’s Day and my birthday next week first, my thoughts have turned to Easter.

The last few years I’ve bought the kids a big egg each, and then made them an Easter basket with a couple of small bits of chocolate, and a couple of bits like a book and a bath bomb.

This year, we’ve chosen some Easter Eggs from Thorntons – I always forget how much I love their chocolate! There is no long a shop in town sadly, but thankfully everything can be ordered online. They have a great selection of Easter Eggs – Oren and Beastie will love the Dino Eggs! I went for ones for the girls with some toffee, caramel and fudge chocolates too – they’re all a bit past dinosaurs or unicorn eggs!!

They also have some great bundles available too if you’re looking for some eggs for all the family!

I’m also planning a fun Easter Egg hunt in the garden, the kids love this {even the teenagers still} and it’s a big part of our Easter Morning!

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