5 Ways to Reconnect with the World Post-Pandemic

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Just as adjusting to social distancing, quarantining, and countless restrictions was a challenge at the beginning of 2020, so too is adjusting to the new normal. Though days without heavy restrictions have long been wished for, adjusting to and reconnecting with the post-pandemic world is easier said than done. The following tips will help you feel settled in this new reality. 

Plan a group trip

Just ask anyone who tried dating during the pandemic – meeting new people was next to impossible. Dates, exercise classes, and game nights over Zoom just aren’t the same.

Now that the world is opening up a little more, you have the opportunity to connect not just with those who already exist in your social circle, but strangers as well. If you’ve noticed how much you value those little exchanges with the cashier at the supermarket, or saying hello to people you pass on walks, a group holiday may be the perfect way to reconnect with others.

Hit two birds with one stone by traveling and socializing. The Zante Boat Party takes place in Greece every year and is a great way to let loose with new friends while enjoying the Mediterranean. 

Explore old hobbies (and find new ones!)

While you can now make sourdough bread like nobody’s business, other hobbies you once enjoyed are ready to be re-explored. If you’re someone who likes getting creative, consider joining an in-person art class. Likewise, many exercise and fitness programs are now being offered in person. If you’ve always wanted to try pilates, now is your chance. 

Get outdoors

If you lived in a city during the pandemic, you undoubtedly found yourself regularly getting outside to escape the confines of your home and meet friends and family for socially distanced walks. 

Although you can now spend your time at shopping malls, restaurants, and clubs, the outdoors still holds merit. Spending time outdoors because you want to rather than because you have to will change your perspective and sweeten the experience. 

Start thinking about the future

With so much instability, canceled plans, and fears about the future, thinking about where you want to be in five or ten years may have felt impossible.

Though it may feel like you’re opening yourself up to disappointment, push yourself to look ahead and make plans. Having something to look forward to, whether it’s a vacation or a wedding, is what helps people move forward and find fulfillment in the slower days. 

Make plans with the people you love

Meeting new people and forming new connections is important at this time, but so too is deepening the connections you already have with friends and family. 

If those regular Zoom call conversations slowly lost more and more substance over time, you’re not alone. Connection comes not just from shared conversation, but shared experiences. Make a point of calling up someone you love each week and making plans to do something fun and spontaneous together. 

You finally have the opportunity to make new memories, so make the most of it!

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