Why spring is a great time to visit the Netherlands

With foreign travel looking more feasible this year, it could be the perfect time to start researching European destinations for a springtime break. Spain, Italy and France might have attracted the most visitors in the last pre-pandemic year – but in eighth place, the Netherlands is well worth your attention too.  

Surrounded by Belgium and Germany in north-western Europe, the Netherlands is perhaps most famous for its capital city of Amsterdam. Its stunning canals, world-class museums and galleries and famous nightlife offer something for everyone – but there’s much to discover elsewhere too.

What to see and do in Netherlands in the spring

Spring is a great time to travel in general due to its pleasant weather, smaller crowds and affordable prices. But why head to the Netherlands in particular come April and May?  

Tulip hunting

If you ask a Dutch resident to name one thing they associate with Netherlands in spring, there’s a high chance they’d say tulips! Fields all around will be in full bloom. You could visit the famous Keukenhof gardens – or make your own way on a cross-country adventure tour.

Cycling holidays are a great way to travel under your own steam, and the flat landscape of the Netherlands caters to all fitness levels.


Windmills are another famous symbol of the Netherlands that you’ll be hard-pushed to miss – especially if you’re doing lots of cycling or walking.

There are beautiful windmill structures all across the country, but two that stand out are Kinderdijk and Zaanse Schans. Both are great for beer or hot chocolate stop-offs if you’re in need of refreshment too.

The King’s birthday

On April 27th each year, a wide range of events take over large cities and tiny hamlets in celebration of the King’s birthday, known as King’s day.

Rediscover your inner child at a funfair, indulge in sweet treats at a street market, and enjoy a dance or two with a live band. Just don’t forget to pack an orange outfit!  


As we’ve already mentioned, the Netherlands is famous for its canals – and they don’t start and end in Amsterdam. Enjoy a short cruise through a busy city or take a secluded week-long tour through the countryside.

As long as the weather holds up, you’ll be in for a smooth ride!


Like many European countries, the Netherlands has more than its fair share of castles. History buffs will revel in discovering their backstories – but even if you’re mind is purely in the present, you’ll find plenty of beautiful scenery to admire nearby.

De Haar Castle in Utrecht is one of the most famous around, followed by Muiderslot in Muiden and Doorwerth in Arnhem.

Does the Netherlands’ eclectic mix of nature, festivities and architecture tick your travel boxes?

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