Sustainable And Fashionable – 4 Ways To Choose The Right Apparel In 2022

Sustainable apparel is the new mantra that everyone is going by. If you are careful about what you invest in and care for the environment you live in, you will automatically make choices that are not just practical but give you the satisfaction of contributing towards reducing your overall carbon footprint as well. The following are a few tips that make you more conscious about your fashion choices all the while keeping you trendy without compromising on your style:

  1. Take Out A Minute To Understand Fast Fashion

If you want to be fashionable and invest in eco-friendly apparel at the same time, you must understand what fast fashion is. These are clothing and accessories that are made at a very low cost. They are intended for one-time or short-time use. On the other hand, ethical or sustainable fashion is the complete opposite of fast fashion. When you intend to protect the environment, you automatically start investing in apparel that lasts longer and stays stylish with minimal effort. Therefore, you must take out a minute to understand what fast fashion is and the many ways it proves dangerous to the planet.

  1. Can You Make Your Clothes Useful Again?

Can you really repurpose your old clothes that have probably faded but are still in one piece? If you have a white shirt in your closet, for example, do you think that a little splash of fabric paint can bring it back to life? If your answer is yes, it is better to repurpose them using color, accessories, sequins, embellishments, and other ways to revive them. It is better to prevent them from going to your nearest trash can. All you need is a little bit of inspiration to give them a little hue and add a different character and texture to them with a fashion DIY at home.

  1. Can Denim Be Sustainable

100%! Your denim jeans, jackets, and overall can be 100% sustainable but only if you look for such apparel in the right places. It wouldn’t be difficult to find a dependable brand of sustainable denim if you know what you are looking for. There should be absolutely no use of any hazardous chemicals, dyes, and finishes in producing the final product. A very useful tip when looking for sustainable apparel made from denim is to go for a brand that ensures longevity and colorfastness in its products. This simply means that the apparel you invest in is going to remain as good as new for several years. Try to invest in a cut or style that is gender-neutral and mostly simple because this is the only way you can be trendy regardless of what the latest fashion models are wearing. Remember, a simple cut and minimalist style is always going to remain fashionable.

  1. Understanding Sustainable Fabrics

Organically sourced cotton and linen and durable materials made from recycled fibers are a few examples of the most sustainable fabrics that are available in the market. Do you know that there are polyester t-shirts made from recycled water bottles as well? These materials are currently making a lot of headlines all over the world. But you must invest in items that make more sense to you and your style. 


Apparel and accessories made with partially recycled materials or 100% recycled materials seem to be a very practical solution to the problem of piling fashion waste all over the world. How willing are you to make this change in your life?

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