4 Ways to Give Your Home a Lift by Adding Interest to Your Walls

We all get bored with our surroundings occasionally, and when this happens in our home, it can seem a little depressing and daunting. But it needn’t be this way as all it takes are a few well-thought-out changes to give your home a lift. Adding interest to the walls is a brilliant way to achieve this with minimal effort. Focusing on the walls has the added benefit of allowing you to mix things up as often as you desire.

Decal Stickers

A helpful place to start is with decals as they are easily removable and often very reasonably priced, so don’t put a dent in your budget. The fact that they can be easily removed makes decals ideal if you are renting and not allowed to paint the walls. You can have some ownership over the décor of your home without affecting the security deposit when you move on. This feature is also ideal for children’s rooms as you can customize the look to fit their age without doing a significant redecoration every couple of years.

Wall Plaques

If you feel you have enough family photos hanging on the walls, why not think about a wall plaque or three? Wall décor plaques allow you to inject a bit of humor into a room or give your day a positive lift with an uplifting quote to have with your morning coffee. There are many types of wall plaques to choose from, meaning you will find one to fit any room in the house. You can also change them up to reflect the different seasons and holidays, keeping your décor on-trend all year round.


Now I know rugs usually live on the floor, but they also make terrific wall hangings. Historically people hung heavy rugs on walls before modern heating and air conditioning existed as they provided insulation as well as decoration. As modern homes don’t have this practical requirement, light decorative rugs look stunning on the wall. Match it to the room’s color theme to tie the look together or use one to provide contrast and interest to a room.

Personal Art

For the ultimate personal touch to your home, try making your own art to hang on the wall. A collage of things that makes you feel happy is not only a fun project but can be therapeutic as well. If you have young children in your life, take some of their paintings and mount them in frames. You’ll be amazed at how good they look in a simple black frame, and you’re guaranteed original, heartfelt art for your home.

There are no rules for how you should decorate your home. Try out something different and feel the benefit of a fresh look. The next time you’re feeling a little bored with the look, don’t feel you have to completely redecorate. Instead, look to how you can use wall art to give it the lift that you’re craving.

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